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Publications 2013

Articles dans des revues avec comité de lecture (ACL)

- Beaufort A., Bustillo V., Curie F., Moatar F., Ducharne A., Thierry D.,(2013), Water temperature sensitivity under climatic change: comparison between mountain and lowland rivers in the Loire Basin., Hydrological Sciences Journal, accepted.

- Bustillo V., Moatar F., Ducharne A., Thiéry D., Poirel A.,(2013), Multi-model comparison for assessing water temperature under changing climate, via equilibrium temperature concept. Case of the Middle Loire River, France., Hydrological Processes, en cours.

- Buvat S., Schamper C., Tabbagh A.,(2013), Approximate three-dimensional resistivity modelling using Fourier analysis of layer resistivity in shallow soil studies., GeophysicalJournal International, Vol.194 -number 1 :158-169.

- Campoy A., Ducharne A., Chéruy F., Hourdin F., Polcher J., Dupont J- C.,(2013), Response of land surface fluxes and precipitation to different soil bottom hydrological conditions in a general circulation model., JGR-Atmospheres, in press.

- Cheruy F., Campoy A., Dupont J-c., Ducharne A., Hourdin F., Haeffelin M., Chiriaco M., Idelkadi A.,(2013), Combined influence of atmospheric physics and soil hydrology on the simulated meteorology at the SIRTA atmospheric observatory.., Climate Dynamics, 40 :2251-2269.

- Ezersky M., Bodet L., Akkawi E., Al-zoubi A., Camerlynck C., Dhemaied A., And Galibert P-y.,(2013), Seismic Surface-wave prospecting methods for sinkhole hazard assessment along the Dead Sea shoreline ., Journal of Environmental and Engineering Geophysics, 18(3) :(in press).

- Flageul S., Dabas M., Thiesson J., Réjiba F. & Tabbagh A.,(2013), First in situ tests of a new electrostatic resistivity meter., Near Surface Geophysics, 11 :265-273.

- Grandjean G., Guérin R.,(2013), Caractérisation physique des sols par méthodes géophysiques et télédétection : bilan et perspectives.., Etude et gestion des sols, 20 (2) :71-79.

- Grellier S., Florsch N., Camerlynck C., Janeau J. L., Podwojewski P., Lorentz S.,(2013), The use of Slingram EM38 data for topsoil and subsoil geoelectrical characterization with a Bayesian inversion., Elsevier - Geoderma , 200–201 :140–155.

- Guimberteau M., Ronchail J., Espinoza J-c., Lengaigne1 M., Sultan B., Polcher J., Drapeau G., Guyot J-l., Ducharne A., Ciais P.,(2013), Future changes in precipitation and impacts on seasonal extreme streamflows over Amazonian sub-basins ., ERL, 8 :014035 (13pp.

- Laamrani A., Valeria O., Cheng L- Z., Bergeron Y. And Camerlynck C.,(2013), The use of ground penetrating radar for remote sensing the organic layer - Mineral soil interface in paludified boreal forests. ., Canadian Journal of Remote Sensing, 39(1) :74-88.

- Querrien A, Moulin J. , Tabbagh A.,(2013), Comparison between a geophysical survey, soil analyses and excavation data revealing a combined effect of soil compaction and erosion.., Near Surface Geophysics, 11 :95-100.

- Sirhan A. And Hamidi M.,(2013), Detection of soil and groundwater domestic pollution by the electrical resistivity method in the West Bank, Palestine., Near Surface Geophysics, 11 :371-380.

- Sterling S., Ducharne A., Polcher J.,(2013), The impact of global land-cover change on the terrestrial water cycle. ., Nature Climate Change, 3 :385-390.

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